1. A new Start

It all began when I was just a child. “She’s not normal”, my father said to my mom on the other room. They thought that I was already sleeping but there I was.. floating on the air with some wings on my back. I wasn’t really sure were they came from and when my parents saw them, they didn’t said anything to me they just stood there..  worried. Suddenly I heard my mom starting to cry. “She needs to go. You know that’ll be the best for us.. and for her.” The tears started to show up on my eyes. I wasn’t welcome, my parents didn’t wanted me and I dind’t know why. So I packed some stuff from my room and went downstairs. Before I leave, I looked back one more time. The one and only.

Sometimes I still think of them. Are they still alive? Do I have any more brothers now? I miss my family. I miss a family. Spent a long time alone, by my one. But yesterday I caught a bus on Twinbrook with a pack on my back and came, with no destiny. I came here, Moonlight Falls. The land is beautiful and the people doesn’t seems to care about what I am. With only 15,000 simoleons on my pocket, I bought a piece of land far from the other houses on a shore surrounded by the ocean. It was silent and peaceful, just what I need.

With the money that I had, I build a little house with a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen with an extra space for a living room when I have more money. I raised a fence too, so I can plant some seeds there. I love gardening so I couldn’t live without one garden.

Everything on my life seems to be going right. I still didnt’ met anyone here, and I have heard that there are some werewolves, vampires and other fairies so I hope that I could meet someone nice to be my friend. I also want to start my own family so I will start looking for a mate 😛 I love the view from my backyard, it’s lovely seing the sunset so I bought a swinging chair and then I can relax and go to bed much relaxed and positive about my future.

On the next day I went to the grocery and bought some seeds. I need to plant something ! I have a garden for something, damn. I planted some lettuce, apples, some tomatoes.. So I thought, why not working as a gardener? And that was what I did ! Went to the city council and registered as self-employed.

After a while I went to a river. I was thinking about fishing so I could use the fishes to fertilize my plants. But then , I saw him. His name was James Hoppcraft. We started talking and then I went to far.. I guess. I thought that he was thinking this was funny but no, I threw some spicy powder over him like pepper but he got burned.

– Well… I’m sorry for your clothes James. But by the way, are you single? (a)

– What the hell girl? I’m married, and I hate you! You put me on fire. Are you crazy? I could have died. Get off of here ! – he yelled.

I was scared so I kinda turned into a magical ball, floating on the air. I flew around him, It was funny and I laughed really hard when suddenly, he caught a mortal weapon! :O

– Die! Die! – he shouted.

What a phycho, damn man. I started to get borred so I went back home.

– Yellow bird, yellow bird. I’m going to eat a yellow bird.

Tempe, are you ok? You aren’t making any sense. You are not cooking a yellow bird. That’s past.

– Then bring me a yellow bird and you’ll see who is going to be the pasta for my breakfast. 😀

Right… She is kinda crazy don’t you guys think?! Oh well.

– Look ! My plants are already growing, how cute they are! Aren’t you cute, are you?

They don’t talk to you back you know Tempe.

Then suddenly the full moon started to rise on the blue sky.

– Well, this promises to be a great night!


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