2. Friends with fangs

Well, I kinda wanted to visit the cemetery but you know what? WRONG IDEAD! I should have guessed that a coward person like me, will pass out if they saw a ghost. I dind’t saw one exactly, but I did saw a tomb floating on the air. That’s enough for me!

– Hey lady! LADY! Are you alright? – a girl asked.

– Yeah, yeah sure! That was nothing pfff . I was just resting a little.

– Right… Well it was nice to meet you. You are new here right? My name is Emelie Van Gould. I live on that big house at the end of this road.

– Yes, I got here a few days ago. I’m Tempe Oille, I live on the shore near here. Well I’m tired see you around.


With some money that I made from selling my plants, I was able to buy some bees so that I can make honey to sell it too ! Everything for money. The zombies started to appear and I got distracted.

– HELP ! HELP ! Go away you stupid bees, go away! My skin, my beautiful skin is going to be ruined 😦

After I get rid of the bees and take a shower, I invited Emelie to my house. After a few minutes she showed up. We talked and talked. It was full moon so she dind’t had curfew. Well, she is a vampire and I found out that she is living with her father and brother, and that a distant cousin arrived today to their house. Seems that he lost all his money on gameling and had lost his house in Bridgeport too.

It was almost 6 am so Emelie went home and me? Well I went to bed, once for all. I was tired. Then I heard some music and I was like “Did I forgot to turn off the radio?” but then I realised… I dind’t had one. My house was surrounded by zumbies… dancing right next to my bedroom ! What the hell?

My garden was growing, day after day. But I still didn’t have anything to harvest and sell. So I’m poor! I have only like 52 simoleons on my pocket. I dream every day with perfect plants to give me a perfect HAND OF MONEY !

Finally, the bees were more relaxed and.. I got it! Honestly? They let me feed them. They were stubborn!

On that night, I thought I could make a visit to my new friend Emelie. She let me in and introduce me to her family.

First, she introduce me to her brother. His name is Tristan and like her whole family, he’s a teenage vampire. Her father wasn’t home so she wanted me to introduce to a new guest.. her cousin.

And there he was… He was tall, had a neat look with his glasses and a book on his hands. Something was happening… It was just like in a movie. Emelie was talking to me but I was just staring him. I felt butterflies on my stomach.

– What’s his name? – I asked.

– Ohh sorry, he’s my cousin, Mohamed Van Fran. He came this morning. He is still adapting to this house and this town. Go talk to him!

As I started walking to him, he stood up, closed the book and with a beautiful smile I melted inside. I was hypnotized by his eyes, by his charm. I started to talk to him, without feeling shy. He’s a donor organ. Was a doctor on Bridgeport but now he has to build his career here.

– Well, it was nice talking to you Tempe. I hope you can visit me some times. I don’t know anyone here, like you, I’m new. So it’s kinda boring sometimes being in this house every day. My cousin is always working downtown and the kids are at school or they go out so…

– Of course ! I’ll visit you everyday or.. you can always visit me too. I’m leaving down the shore, near the ocean. It’s a quiet place, theres no houses near by so it’s a good place for you to read your books… I guess..

I was getting shy already and I wasn’t that type of person.

– Ohh sure! It’s seems to be very nice. Well I think it’s time for me to go to sleep. Hope you don’t mind, I really enjoy meeting you. Wait, I have here some stones.. Take them, they aren’t useful for me. They will give you some money if you sold them.

– Thank you… I just accept because I really need a little more money. Well, I need to go to sleep to so.. see you tomorrow!

And with a soft kiss on the cheek, my face started to look like a tomatoe. I run as fast as I could, disguising the maximum.

When I got home, I send the stones for the mail to a shop where they estimate the value of the rock and send me the money for mail too. This extra money might be handy .


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