Yeah guys . I’m really sorry for updtating just now. I’m here to give bad news as well …

I didn’t update early because I was planning my brother bday and only yesterday I had time for that. I saw the new patch for 1.42 and I start downloading it, but then something happen. During , an error ocurrer so I tried to repair the sistem to a later point. The update worked really fine ! But when I got to play it didn’t work, said that some files were corrupted or missing. :((

I was so sadddd ! I went to the folder to make a backup of my town (yeah I should have done it before the update but well..) and there wasn’t no signs of saved games. And some folders from the games just disappeared. I though… Maybe… it’s a virus or some stuff like that ! So I formatted my pc, installed a new antivirus and now I’m starting to download every expantion and colection again ! :(( It will take so time. And then I’ll have to make a new story all over again. But this time it’ll be better (I hope) .


So I’m really sorry for all :\ I hope see you guys around and with some luck later on or tomorrow I will post a new story !


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