New blog ! Check it out !

A rose in the deep desert * Go check it ! The founder is Lotta Greaves and the story will be surrounded by mystery, love, hate and drama ! ohhh and also babies ! So don’t miss it, the 1st chapter was released today I’ll be updating every week. :))   Go and enjoy it […]


Yeah guys . I’m really sorry for updtating just now. I’m here to give bad news as well … I didn’t update early because I was planning my brother bday and only yesterday I had time for that. I saw the new patch for 1.42 and I start downloading it, but then something happen. During […]

2. Friends with fangs

Well, I kinda wanted to visit the cemetery but you know what? WRONG IDEAD! I should have guessed that a coward person like me, will pass out if they saw a ghost. I dind’t saw one exactly, but I did saw a tomb floating on the air. That’s enough for me! – Hey lady! LADY! […]

1. A new Start

It all began when I was just a child. “She’s not normal”, my father said to my mom on the other room. They thought that I was already sleeping but there I was.. floating on the air with some wings on my back. I wasn’t really sure were they came from and when my parents […]

Meet us!

Hi, my name is Silvanna and I’m from London. I will start my first legacy ever made and post it here. I will also follow some sims 3 stories, legacies, etc and I hope you all enjoy mine too and that you can follow back. Here is some info about the new legacy: The founder […]